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Originally Posted by rcwck View Post
Definitely not gearing, you are geared for ~45mph, Voltron geared for ~60mph.
Your heat issue is somewhere else. A T8 esc should shut down(thermal) way before that temp of 240F. Mine thermals around 180 degreesF. Something is not right there.
Hope you're not using any software timing. These 1/8th heavy cars do not like much if any timing. That's one reason why Tekin T8's runs in dual mode(sensored to sensoreless)No Booost or Turbo to heat thing up.
Make sure the car coasts easily. Take off pinion/motor and give it a coast test. It should roll easily. All gear meshes should be smooth. Voltran's car is super smooth and quite. He goes 58mph on the straight.
I would guess with the T8 esc not thermalling is your problem source.
And yeh those YEH Racing 30x30 2S fans are money.

I'm getting somewhat interested in this car especially if Voltran gets any faster, lol. It's a little hard to get fired up now because our outdoor season just ended. I'd really like to see pivot ball suspensions front and rear which adds adjustability. Hopefully V2.
Desoto was untouchable at our big GLC race this year with his nitro version.
Thanks for the help! I checked Hotwire and the Timing settings are 10 for timing advance and C2 for timing profile. Start RPM 5443, end RPM 20016. These are the factory settings I think, I know I have not changed them. I pulled the pinion and rolled the car. A good push and it rolls a couple feet. There is audible noise from the gears when I do this. Should it be silent or should there be some noise?
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