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Originally Posted by kosmic View Post
Iv received my yok bd7, built it and set it up!! Some of the sh1t I have read on this thread shows just how fu(king stupid people are or just cannot read.
I got an xray spur out of the packet, put it against the yok one, see within seconds that it'd be perfect once you drilled 2 xtra holes!! Took about a 1 min to do, infact I didn't drill it, unused body reamer! No shims, no messing around, straight on
Also bearing eccentrics for diff is thin bit at bottom = low diff, thick bit at bottom = high diff!! If you can't get full lock on steering use taller horn!!
All very very simple stuff, sounds like some people should have bought RTR stuff :-)
i just ran the car with 2 spur bolts on, as i forgot my reamer and it worked just fine. i also used the x-ray servo saver with the highest corner pointing up and i had 100% steering lock-to-lock.
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