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I have the Jq and have experience driving the nitro MP9.... even though it's electric now. Also have had experience driving my cousin's Mbx6.

Both the Kyosho and Mugen are much easier to drive and a lot more forgiving even on a bad set up. I've spent a lot of time setting up my JQ and it still doesn't drive as well as my current (super old) Mp777.

A durango driver here stuck with the brand for as long as he can but have jump shipped to the Xray XB9 after trying out all the other cars. His complaint was that the durango doesn't jump as well as the others.

The JQ is quick but requires a lot more focus and effort from the driver than the kyosho and mugen. If you're in a 40 min main, you'd end up making more mistakes on the JQ... at least I would.

In terms of durability.... I haven't broken anything on the JQ but have bent a shock tower on my MP9. My cousin's mugen has broken a couple of arm and a few local mbx owners have somehow broken the diff casing as well... hope this helps.
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