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Originally Posted by Farmer_John View Post
Phil...think less. Do more.

One thing to take into consideration with off road based diffs is internal gearing. I'm also here to tell you that there are at least 4 bearings in a good off road dif and shimming makes all the difference in the world to efficiency..

For example: Associated runs 4.30:1, Losi runs 3.30:1 while Kyosho (in the MP9 anyway is at 3.31:1 Makes a big difference when you go to gear for your final.
True, true...just saying, he's never had a problem with the thing, ever. Remember, I'm shooting for price and durability. The only thing he's ever done to it is, instead of filling it with oil, he filled it mostly with Lucas...and we use that stuff in everything, plus it's really good stuff to assemble engines with.

As for thinking less, I'm not sure how I could do that without stopping thinking entirely...which may be an improvement...
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