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Originally Posted by 6376vette View Post
If you want to run lmp talk to me tomorrow. I have some 2wd ideas for a lmp and gtp class.
Not really interested in LMP cars. Kind of like F1 to me, the technology is cool and they are definitely cutting edge and pushing the envelope in many ways but they are so far removed from something I could ever even sit in they might as well be space ships. If I won the lottery I might be able to buy a GT class car

I had always assumed (and we know what that means) that since GT's and Proto's don't actually compete in Le Mans type events -- yes they are on the track at the same time, but the each classes has their own rules and winners -- that a GT class would run GT bodies.

That said it doesn't bother me in the least if someone else wants to run one. The difference between say my LFA and the Proto Vette or the Saleen S7 or the Furai pic'd earlier isn't enough that I'm going to care. I'm sure someone could beat me running an upside down shoe box for a body.

I'll cut my new wing down to 10mm and hopefully I see you at the track tomorrow.
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