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Originally Posted by RedBullFiXX View Post
That setup sheet looks blank to me

FMW says 577 Fr tires worked better at Tamiya when track temps were soaring into the 140's
We almost always run silver front springs, except on rough or very high grip surfaces

Pic of your car and setup might help
My car never has chatter issues
Are you sure your pod is setup correctly, do you use damper lube on the kingpins, Tamiya Med, or Hard should help ?
Yep, I have been using tam med on the front kingpins and got some relief with hard as the grip increased. My setup differs from the one fred posted in that i was running med front springs, pink side springs and 600cst in the side damper and 2mm pod droop measured on blocks. My pod moves nice a free and the cars works very well in cooler conditions but at tamiya nats is was a pile once the sun came out. I was thinking maybe stiff center & side springs with extra heavy dampening may react more like the t-bar suspension and smooth the car out or do you think it would be better to work on a more aggressive chassis setup with kit fronts? Have you tried doing anything with the tires, inserts maybe? Is buggy grip the wrong sauce for the track?

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