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Originally Posted by mtveten View Post
I could use some ideas on how to get the car to work better with the new tires in higher grip asphalt conditions. So far when it gets hot and the grip is up I find my car loosing pace making it slower that my t-bar version. The general problem is that the front looks as though its being overloaded on entry making a heavy chatter sound. It also seems to loose low speed entry steering and feels bound up mid corner.

In addition to the setup sheet attached I have tried going with the damper tube with 10 & 20K fluid. softer front spings(chatters more) harder front springs(cant handle the bumps), full size shock w/ yellow spring(smother over bumps but no change in problem area) and kit front tires(fixes binding and chatter problem but lacks steering from entry through exit)

Any suggestions on how you get it to hook up on the hot days at tamiya would be appreciated

That setup sheet looks blank to me

FMW says 577 Fr tires worked better at Tamiya when track temps were soaring into the 140's
We almost always run silver front springs, except on rough or very high grip surfaces

Pic of your car and setup might help
My car never has chatter issues
Are you sure your pod is setup correctly, do you use damper lube on the kingpins, Tamiya Med, or Hard should help ?
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