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Originally posted by dasupacat
Tamiya is a nice ride, but factor in $$ for their upgraded suspension and the fact that they have a new shaft out. Tells you they don't know what's better. LOL
....Now by saying Tamiya don't know which is better, is saying that they are not serious about producing top notch TC ..!!

Tamiya offer both shaft an belt due to the fact they they have two dedicted teams developing each car ...!! now that's wat u call serious ...!!
the new suspension is just a on goin development... that every maker goes through ..... so no matter wat u will still end up spending $$ on any car u buy ... it's just liek buy a bmi chassis for ur tc3 ......

I'd say the 415 ....... owned a pro4 b4 i brought this ....... and the 415 ..is smoother ...... an a natural better handler .....but thats just my opinion ...
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