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Originally Posted by 2wdrive View Post
The wheels are tamiya caps on pro10 tires.

I use a corally red line sensorless 13.5t and a fake ezrun 60A esc. Others use 10.5t. My ride height is 10+mm.
Xray T4-14 (BLS551,4.5T/8.5T, Spectrum), Xray X10-15 (Lajf Racing widened 235 4T, IRS)
Lajf Racing P28(LiPo, spectrum), Lajf Racing P28GT (LiPo, spectrum )
Xray X1(21,5T, spectrum) Tamiya M05(tamiya ESC, silver can, spectrum)

Go 235mm with X10 widening parts from Get your P28 at
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