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Originally Posted by murky123 View Post
I bought the Jconcepts ball cups ( # 2025 ) but they are to small for the durango ball studs.

What ball cups fit the durango ball studs ?

I need a solution for my front camberlinks that keep popping off .

the last 2 race days it happend 4 times.

can someone point me in the right direction.
The stock ones will work but you need to do a few things:

make sure when you are first threading them on that you don't stick anything through the holes of the ballcups(i.e. an allen wrench) and use it to turn the ball cups on. It will stretch them out.

once you snap them on for the first time, never unsnap them. If you need to relocate the ballstud, leave the cup attached.

when you adjust the camber, always put an allen wrench through the holes so that they don't twist off the ballstuds.

If you follow all these suggestions, you will have success using the stock cups. I know it is a pain compared with normal ballcups, but this is what it takes to get these to work. Also, if one starts to pop of more than once, toss it or it will continue to get worse.

I have followed these suggestions given by others here in this forum and all my problems went away.
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