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One of the kinks is bad enough the wire is nearly broken or maybe even completely broken inside the insulation (the pic above does not show this). I have enough problems with electronics to know better than to try to run a wire like that and expect it to be reliable. I'm new here so I know that no matter what I say, I'm the bad guy. I filed a disupute because the seller's attitude from the start was that it's not his problem. Well, when you ship an electronic device in a paper envelope with no packing material, is it any surprise that it might get damaged? On every forum I sell on, it's accepted that it is the seller's responsibility to make sure the item gets to the buyer in the condition it is supposed to. Why is that? Because that part of the transaction is completely in control of the seller, not the buyer.

Buyer is claiming I did this. Nope. The wires were coiled and crushed, the pic was after I straightened them out. I never assumed that it left the seller's possession like that, but having some sense about packaging an item like this is expected. Or, maybe that's not the case here? I don't know, but like I said on every forum I'm on that is the expectation.

As was posted above when the seller aired part of our private conversation:
"Dont know what to tell you. I didnt sell you anything other than what was in the picture. It was in mint condition when it left here, just the way it was in the picture. I dont sell junk, and im didnt destroy it after i took the picture."

Right off the bat the seller isn't offering to do anything about this. I simply told seller to decide what they want to do, and if it isn't good enough for me I'll just dispute it. Is that being too hasty? That's for me to decide, and based on a couple past problems I just don't waste time on this stuff. The comment "if it's such a big deal" is kind of slap in the face. Well, it was advertised as new condition and it's not, so yes it is a big deal. When I sell an item I try to make sure it's *better* than what the buyer was expecting when they receive it, and my feedback on other sites reflects this. That includes proper packaging to make sure the item arrives in the condition it left in.

Do what you will with this info...I don't plan to respond further in this thread.
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