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Default What should I do and your opinions!

HI.So I did a trade with a member on here to trade my Slash for his Sc-10.
(He is in Canada by the way)
So we agreed to trade he seemed like a nice guy and I felt good about it.
So we sent pictures of what was included and did the trade.
So he shipped out his truck and asked me when I would ship mine out I,told him when I got his(that had been what we agreed on) for some reason he thought I would ship the same day as him so I thought he got confused and shipped mine the next day to make him feel better.
So he said I included the stock wheels and tires. Rear ones are bald but wherls r good. Aka bowties mounted on the rear. And then 4 unmounted aka tires and foams. Along with the metal gear servo and the ball bearing diff. Please include whatever u promised to send and that set of proline tires.
1-I had told him I would just send him a Chassis no tires but he had already shipped it and I didn't want to go threw a hassle.
So I get his truck this week and the Akas were torn and one kinda melted By the way he told me they were new in a different PM.
And there is no body which we had both pictured and I had sent one for the Slash.
I wrote him and he finally wrote back and told me he thought we weren't sending bodies since we were just trading rollers though I thought roller in this case meant mostly no Esc/motor(he had agreed to send a servo tho other than that which I received).
So he asks me when my truck will be here and I told him I didn't know.
So he Pms me the next day and tells me this."hey i just got off the phone with canada post and the package is in canada but for some reason it isnt going to be here until the 22nd of august as well they have stated there is a 31 dollar custom fee on the package. Not sure what that is about but i know u didnt have to pay this fee so therefore i will not be paying the 31 dollars. i dont understand why there would be a customs fee on a package i paid nothing for?"
I wrote him I had no idea and would look into it.
And it looked like it was a normal thing for Canada if the value was over $20.
I asked him if he had had any other big packages come over the border and he said he had and he did not have to pay anything on them. So I realized it was because I put the value at $175.00 which was the true value in my opinion.
He told me I should have put it at $0.00 which I read was Illegal or fraud.
So I called the post office and they said that it was his problem and the fees were added up fairly and if he did not pay it it would be sent back to me.
He also started cussing and I asked respectfully to watch his language and he did not.
So I am feeling a bit frustrated now.
1-In all I think there would be a body according to pics(He said he trashed his)
2-I had said I would not send the tires but yet he had already sent the package and was expecting some.
3-I don't see how the Who ships when got confusing.
4-The tires are pretty much trash that he said were new.
Through out almost the whole trade it has seemed almost wish washy.
He did say he would send something else to make me happy but after he realized about the fee I don't think that will be happening and his whole attitude changed too.
If the post office sends the my truck back what should I do?Keep his send it back?
Right now the post office is holding it I am not sure why if he would not pay or if he wasn't available.
His tracking.cx 473 184 819 ca
Please do not turn this into a attacking thread but I do want your opinions.
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