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Default some help with some cars

i was wonder what car would be a better choice Pro 4,tc3 or R3 my spending limit on the car itselft is aorund 350-400. Im not too new to RC but im also not a good driver i want a car that would last me a long time with out needed upgrading to keep on the track.Pro 4 seems good but cost a bit high, R3 looks like the pro 4 but i dont know much about it, tc3 is every where so i know its a good car, parts that are at my lhs is pro 4 and tc3 but i can always order parts for the R3 i want a car that would keep me ont he track with out upgrading much.

i was also wondering for soldering if i use solder that comes like a metal paste would work the ppl at the store said its just like solder but you dont need to heat it up with the iron i didnt really know if it would hold good or not

Thnx agian
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