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Originally Posted by PROMODVETTE View Post
I will be getting a F109 pretty soon (used) that already has most/all of the suspension/handling upgrades I noticed skimming through that thread. It has a revtec 21.5 but I need an esc for it. What would you recommend? Going by my club rules it must be roar spec/VTA legal. I've read for F1 a smaller esc is better to try and fit, so would the Novak edge be a wise choice? Another question on this particular chassis, should I upgrade from stock to the carbon and would the handling be that much better?
Stock chassis fine, I wouldn't upgrade unless you just wanted too. As for an esc, you have more room on the f109 than on an f104 so you are pretty open on the size of an esc. Novak gtb/gtb2 and novak edge are all esc's that I used when I ran the f109 and they all work well and fit your rules. Edge is really small and I liked it best.
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