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All the matchers can and do get great cells so to say that one brand is definately better than the next brand is really just personal preference or if you have had a good or bad experience with certain brands due to maybe a bad cell or how the cells were treated by the user. I just don't see anyone getting enough "1.19's' for every hobby shop to have a few of those packs on their shelf, so don't get caught up in the "hype" that gets printed out on the labels. But the odds are in favor of the company that goes thru the most cells out of everyone else to have a better pick of better # cells, just odds. If you order 2 packs odds are they might not be tha bomb, if order 5,000 odds are better than you'll have some good cells in there but it takes way more than that to put together a really good pack. Really all you should be concerned with is how well matched the cells are put together like you want all the cells to be the same #s or super close to same numbers for every cell, not one that's like 2.3 then 2.5 IR and same thing for voltage.
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