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Originally posted by TexRacer
I wouldnt tray any new pack for at least 4-5 charges to let the cells mend or cycle with each other a few charges.
Otherwise Dave it sounds like you have it pretty much right.
What is your cutoff for charge and then peak?

Now could you have gotten a bad pack?
Of course it does happen.

I have heard the complaint of OTHER matchers cells falling off after 4-5 charges but havent heard that issue with customers or fellow racers across the country with Orion/Peak.

Like I said after this many years in the buisness and the titles they have Im sure they wouldnt be getting away with bad cells for this many years.It's a quality product and of course there are some other NICE matchers out there but Micros_Rock was asking about Orion/Peak cells.

I hate when threads like this turn into SHOUTOUTS for a battery company you may either like,be friends with or sponsored by.
I am sponsored by someone other than Orion/Peak and have yet to SHOUT OUT their name under respect for the post.
I just wish OTHERS were like you Dave,Burbs and others on this post that havent done SHOUTOUTS for others.
Again goodluck to everyone racing or bashing and just have fun with this great hobby we all share.
Let them do there shout outs.

These so call other companies havent won any races with them. So as they say let the results do the talking not there mouths.
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