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Originally Posted by xsracer View Post
Ran my FGX at T.Q. for the first time yesterday.I think I was the only one running one.Every one else had a 104 of some sort.After the first qualifier my the Pit. rear tires had deep stress rips on the side walls.I switched to HPI softs on F201 wheels.That's all I had left in the arsenal.The car pushed a little more like Sean mentioned but still driveable.I prefer the side walls on the HPIs but the Pits. are still the advantage.Anybody know if Ride makes a softer front compound then the one they make for HPI? Thanks for your time.F1 still rocks more then ever.
Although I don't own a FGX, but I learned a lot of tips from various FGX racers.

For the tires, you'll probably be better running stiffer side walled at high traction technical circuit like TQ. The constant turning and gripping is pretty stressful for the tire side wall.

Speaking from F104 perspective, some of us use different rims for the same type of Pits tires. The foam rims are good for outdoor where grip isn't high and bumpy, because the softer sidewall absorbs a lot of the bumps and also the flexing side wall makes the tire grip better. Then we have the Pits on the standard F104 rubber rim with the outermost ridge grinded off. See for details. This makes the side wall firm, and also makes the car responsive and tire doesn't collapse (or fold) easily during high grip technical circuit like TQ. However, it quite a pain to grind and glue properly.

There are various racers still developing ways to optimize the tire side wall for FGX on the Pits. Hopefully when a good solution is found, it can be posted for everyone.

But for the upcoming race at Speedtech, the softer side wall will probably have a better advantage.
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