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Originally Posted by lightfoot View Post
Good luck keeping up with the 104's on carpet... Direct Drive on such high bite is a tough combo to beat...

Here my FGX carpet set up...

1) Hard rear shock springs with 2000 weight stock lube
2) Stiff rear sway bar
3) Medium front springs with 10,000 lube
4) Titanium king pin with 8mm Pom Ball
5) 48 Pitch / 35 Spur / 26 - 28 Pinion
6) reinforce the front upper and lower arms with piano wire and shoe goo
7) 3 degree rear toe in/ 1 degree front toe out/ 2 degree rear camber / 1 degree front camber
8 ) 4mm ride height front and back
9) Shimizu 0565 and 0561 ... The rear insert foam I shave the thickness in half with a dremel...
Sauce full rears and 3/4 fronts
O.K. thanks.I had a little more than half of your set up on my car.I'll write this down and follow up.Your right those 104s where fast.I was battling with Kalvin and Vince for second place in the "B" until I couldn't hold them off any more with the HPI tires.I had the advantage on them at the end of the short straight going into that series of tight turns but the rest of the track was all them.I ran a 35 pinion with the thought of too much torque and excess push if I geared down.I'll try it next time.I'm also gonna keep my 104 in the coral and continue to work with it.F1 rocks!
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