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Hi guys and greetings from Malta.

Dave, Thanks for input regarding tweek etc. I have gone one further with mine since I have completely eliminated the top plate and just hooked an aluminium rod with a rose joint at each end, onto the two bulkheads. It seems to work OK.

Had a bad time with the real car a couple of days ago. Dropped a valve with the obvious consequences. Josh and I took the engine to bits last night but I don't think I'll have it running in time for next Sunday's hill climb.

Darkside. Yes sir.....he's done it at last. You know what I think about JPM. He should have done it ages ago. I agree, it was a good exciting race.

Off home in a minute to watch the Indy champ car race from Germany. Shame about Zanardi isn't it.

Son Josh is well back into RC and is going well. It does of course mean that I spend more time playing with his car than with my own....but then you're a Dad so you know what I mean!!!!


Joe from sunny Malta.
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