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Originally Posted by RedBullFiXX View Post
We have an open 12th class at TQRC
It's nice to have the option of how much power you want to run

Having said that
I chose to run the iic 12th SS platform of 13.5 Blinky this week
Our track enjoys less than stellar grip during the summer months, so of course mod motors are a challenge to hook up for 8m

Thing is, Mod has always been a class of measured driving, used to be batteries, now it's tires than need a smooth style
Either way it's still cool

It was a bit of a surprise to me to see how quick the SS car was, even compared to mod

Here is a view of the race

We are discussing 12th SS as the Expert class after the summer series is over
I don't ever want to see mod 12th disappear, as it is so fun to drive, and helps my skills to improve, bit torn though, as SS is HeLLa fun to drive too

Vegas and birds as were boosted 13.5 not blinky. Unless Vegas will be blinky 13.5 this year.. pave mats last year was 13.5 blinky
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