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Originally posted by seaball
hey cole,

yeah, i've got the 16x5v6 too, and have acutually been using it since i found out it wasn't broken. it does push the cells very hard, even at 3mv/cell cutoff. they do run very well when charged with the vesc type of charge, and you are correct in saying that it never false peaks.

i did want to note that it has caused my weaker (older) packs to vent. they may have 30 cycles on them, so i really won't say they are truly old, just older than my race stuff. i'm not dissatisfied with it, but there is certainly a price to pay to get everything out of a battery on every cycle. i typically use the millenium to charge, but the eagle/integy charger does put some mad heat into the pack, and i believe the runs are better as a result.
Hi Seaball

I had a pack of Sanyo 3000 HV, which is 2 years old by now. Dont know how many cycles, but I would assume it's around 60 +. Whith this particular pack, the CDC cant cut off properly, this pack gets extremely hot. I believe this pack drops off very slow, when it finally peaks. On the other hand, I've never had really good performance with this pack, so it might be due to a damaged pack. Anyway, since it never performed well, it's going to the recyclle bin in a few weeks, when I get my new cells.

By the way, my LHS didnt had the Cadillac, so I bought a Ford GT40 instead.
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