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Originally Posted by s.i.jerefos View Post
Hello friends!
I had a pre race weekend trying to find the best set up for My CO2 ( the only in Greece....hihihi) and start using Your set up DS.
The only problem is that the track was very slipery and I will need softer springs than stock. ( I think I must ordere them from Cap )
I tryied to set up the front solid axle and check the letest low grip that Our Friend DS pablished but I am having a problem.
How am I going to use the plastic ship with the axle since it doesn't stay in place? Should I use a glue and glue it to the pinion?
If somebody can help please do...
As for shofter springs I used the Blue Xray ( same length ) but I think I will need something harder..Maybe violet...
where do you practice?
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