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I race every week. Usually a pack is only used once, but if I do use it twice I don't discharge it before recharging.

After I get done racing I discharge all packs to 5.4 a pack. On the day of the next race I first discharge all the packs again to 0.9v before charging them at 6.0 amps to 30mv cutoff. Right before I am going to run the pack I then repeak at 6.0v with a 40mv cutoff.

Once a month I will tray all my batteries to 5.4v after they have been run and discharged. I then will tray them to 3.0v just before chargeing them for the next run.

I used to user an LRP sport, and a 18.5 amp bulb discharger whgich worked very well. I recently purchased a Pr-Trak to replace them though. I use a Rayspeed discharge tray. In my opinion Rayspeed and Novak make the only trays worth spending money on.
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