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Originally Posted by Zerodefect View Post
Since the ROAR rule book covers this, I think I'll have some fun with it:

2wd Buggy Mod: The AE RC10's we grew up with. Some still race these even as adults.

2wd Buggy Stock: Same as mod, only you're too much of a hack and need to slow down. In this class your shakled to slower 13.5 or 17.5 brushless motors to slow things down to the point wher turn mashals have a fighting chance to survive. This classes primary purpose is to keep newbs from wrecking the fast mod guys. If nobody shows up the 2 classes get combined and run as mod. Not really fair to the poor guy with the 17.5, but at least you can hack the fast guys some more, maybe push them into a marshal.

4x4 Buggy: Extinct. If you see one, ask it where it's pot of gold is. Wut's really cool is these cars disintegrate during a crash just like a real race car.

2wd truck: bigger uglier versions of 2wd buggy, similar rules apply, great extra class to run if you want to dilude some racers from 2wd buggy and make the days racing just that much longer and more boring.

2wd buggy/truck Stock Blinky: ESC's must be reprogrammed into a 0 timing mode that makes the LED blink so that cheap bastards with ancient equipment won't have a lame excuse why they lose races.

2wd SCT Stock: Box stock RTR SCT trucks, RTR tires. No major changes allowed. (which is a shame, 3 minutes with a file and couple washers will double a Slashes steering and rotation, but you newbs didn't hear that from me) If your good at this class you will be called a sandbagger and will have rotton fruit tossed towards your pit area.

2wd SCT Mod: SCT trucks with mod motors like mod buggy, any SCT tire
4wd SCT: Slash 4x4, Losi SCTE, any SCT tires wheels. No 1/8th scale wheels, motors, or batteries.

Electric 1/8th scale buggy: Xray 808E, Mugen MBX6 ECO etc. Often combined with nitro if not enough nitrobuggies show up. Ironicly catch on fire more often than the nitro cars that contain fuel.....and fire!

Nitro 1/8th scale buggy: Xray Xb9, Losi 8, Kyosho MP9, .21 engine, 125cc tank. God races these.

IME, the most fun I've had is at tracks that only have 3, maybe four classes. The most popular classes at races I've been to:
Outdoors: 1/8th scale buggy, SCT, SCT 4x4
Indoors: 2wd Buggy mod, 2wd SCT, 4x4 SCT
Now that's funny right there.
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