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Originally Posted by SteveP View Post

You should give the long wheelbase a shot - it' handles better. Some make the mistake of assuming that the longer wheelbase doesn't turn as well because of the wheelbase, but we've tested it, and the long car is faster everywhere on any track. The extra wheelbase is added all to the rear of the car. This puts more weight on the front end because, even though the gear on the chassis didn't move, the wheelbase was lengthened at the rear. That puts more weight on the front end and viola,... a longer wheelbase car turns inside a short wheelbase car. I'm actually getting ready to try a 380mm chassis. That's typical of the chassis used on current racing trucks and I'm sure it will work even better than the 360mm car, no less the short car. Once you drive a dialed long car, you'll never go back.

I just built my first GT1 to race this winter, so far I have raced it twice. I built up a short chassis since everyone locally said the long chassis doesnt turn as well, and our 2 local track are relatively small for a GT.

I was really thinking about picking up a Race Spec with the Audi body but most are saying it will not turn, so I was starting to look at trying another brand.

Is there a particular set-up that helps the long chassis turn? I would like to stck with Kyosho since I already have spare parts.
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