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Originally Posted by SteveP View Post
Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the next body style that will be available on the GT2 RS for both nitro and brushless versions. It's called the Ceptor, and it's our first unlicensed body for the GT2 series. It's sleek and it's simple, but most importantly, it's inexpensive compared to the licensed bodies. The detailed, licensed bodies are still the overwhelming preference, but enough of you asked for a less expensive alternative, and Kyosho made it.

That's great news! I must say thought that the R8 body has ridiculous steering...I ran it yesterday at FBF in Brooklyn. It's expensive (clear body=$80), but much more aggressive than the Alpha R-1 body I was running.

Any chance Kyosho will add additional pinion/spur gears for a tad more top end for us on-road guys?
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