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I'm definitely the average Joe but I dont have an RC budget either. I've added a bunch of stuff to the B4.1 which has pretty much doubled the cost of the buggy but it wasnt necessity. I didnt add much at all to the 22 and it handled very well for me. In the end, my lap times arent changing with the different cars so the additional $100 hasnt been worth it. None of these cars have an advantage over the other, it comes down to personal preference and nothing else.

In the last year and half I've run the TRF 201, the TLR 22, and now the B4.1 Worlds. Of the 3, the TRF 201 was the highest quality followed by the 22. The B4.1 is pretty sloppy compared to the other 2 out of the box and required quite a bit of shimming to tighten up. I'll try the DEX201 in a couple months and possibly the RB5 after that.
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