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What I have found so far.I removed all the toe-in in the rear.The wobble went away.I slowly added tow-in until it started again.Then I took out tow until went away.I also see that the kit has 0 degree uprights in the rear.This car has 1 degree uprights.Could the 1 degree uprights combined with the spacers that the instruction manual tells you to install cause too much rear toe in? I dan't have a setup station.I do have a droop gauge. it is setup right in that respect.The suspension arm holders are the same.They are the ones with with the holes in the center.The tires are fine. I have 18 sets of tires.I tried different ones.Just looking at the rear toe from above the car,it doesen't look like it has much toe-in compared to other cars I have owned.But if I try to put more in it the wobble will come back.I should invest in a setup station so I will know exactly how much is in it.I will know how much traction it has when I take it to the track.I had a Shuie with tons of rear toe.It tracked straight with no wobble.This car dosen't seem to like much rear toe in.One advantage this car does have, it's durability.It is rock solid in that department.
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