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First off this may be some of your problems......

Yes, you must compress the suspension beforemaking any adjustmants, most on-road guys push down on the center of teh car a few times and then release it..... most off-road guys drop their cars....

The car must be fully loaded and race ready with teh exception of the body...

You must set ride height before checking tweak.... It will take a lot of time initially, but you need to have your preload collars as close to equal with each other side to side when your ride height is set.... meaning if your RHF collar has 4mm of preload on it you want the LHF to be as close to 4mm as possible.....

Then when you set tweak you will adjust pre-load in a crossing pattern... meaning if the RHF is light you will add weight to the LHR if it takes more than a full turn or 2 you may want to go back and check your chassis for actual twist or unequal weight right to left,or even pre-load adjustment mistakes you made while setting rideheight.....
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