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Originally Posted by MantisWorx View Post
I should have taken pix while i was doing it but the front is just 104 knuckles and regular 104 wheels/tires (no extender actually feels better!!). For the rear all i did was basically take a 104 foam wheel and grind it completely out so that it is just a tube, slid the tube over the FGX wheel CA and then mount the tires like normal. Just make sure when you slide the ring over that it is flush with the front side of the FGX wheel. At least on my car the 0571 fronts had waaaay too much steering so choose wisely on the pit fronts but also know that if you use the RIDE 104 front wheels all of the normal FGX tires fit that wheel.
Yeah... I've done the same thing and always wondered if Home Depot doesn't carry tubing the same diameter and thickness... also the cost of two wheels per tire
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