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It's time to freshen up this thread a little bit.
Is this ESC so unpopular or does it work flawlessly for everyone and that's why there is so little activity here?

I'm experiencing some extremely bad customer service from Tekin and that's the reason I want to choose something else. To make a long story short, I've sent my new combo (which was defective right out of the box) to them and after 3 months of waiting I received an information that in ten days it SHOULD be sent back to me. I won't even comment it.

Coming back to the topic.
How are your Orions performing in terms durability and performance? How is this ESC being programmed? Is there a software included or the programming card is needed (similar to the Xerun)?

I'm thinking about the R8 pro + MR8 1950kV combo.
Can you compare it to the Tekin T8 1900kV?
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