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Originally Posted by rbcts View Post
Hi All,

Just ordered the kit. First on road car so I'm pretty excited. Ive been racing offroad for a while now. Just wanted to know what spare parts I should be carrying around in my bag that are known to break/wear quickly.

C-hubs, blades for the dog bones, plastic spool out drives, are the things I have broken in my first 2 race days. I also somehow chipped one of the pullys for the belt on the center spur gear assembly. Not exactly sure how, it may just be one of those freak things. Other items that seem like they would be a good idea to have are: shock parts(shafts,plastic caps, o-rings), Optional springs, optional sway bars, gear diff for the front, spare bearing, rear hubs, a set of arms and maybe some steering knuckles and body posts.

The car is actually pretty solid and durable. The things I did break were from stupid hits that deserved something breaking. I pretty much did all of the damage on my first day out. I didn't break a single thing on the 2nd race day. Less hitting the boards, and when I did it was less severe hits.

So far I think this is a great little car.
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