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Default Re: TC3.0001

Originally posted by TRESFR
If Losi Puts an extra hole on the shock tower and calls it a xxxx-s then I will sell all my losi stuff that day. As a die hard losi guy I am confident that wont be the case, However, with assoc. new tc many fans of the company will jump ship when the new daring cutting edge losi comes out. Mark my words
Associated is not gonna make their car look pretty because you want it to. They'll deisgn & use what works. I am confident that they will release a new car that can still beat a Losi on a given day. They already have a GREAT car. A revolutionary design...WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO? CHANGE IT COMPLETELY....No! They'll make small tweaks to it until they find something that works better. They arn't gonna completely ditch something that already works really well to develop what could be a flop! Thats stupid buisiness. Example: I know they have made a bunch of different shock towers out of CF, experimenting with what works better BEFORE molding the production pieces because molds cost a lot! They wouldn't spend that much on molds for something that hasn't been proven to work...Thats stupid buisiness bro!

Not flaming you....Just pointing out my thinkings!

BTW: It doesn't look like a CGM!? Even if it did....Yokomo copied Assoicated in the first place
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