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Originally Posted by jep4755 View Post
I just want to see if anyone is having the same problem as me ever since we switched to the 25.5 system it seems like there are a few racer's that are much quicker then most of the field ,I thought that going to 25.5 was going to make everything closer for all racers now maybe my motor is just bad but I have tried gearing from 4.00 down to 3.40 and still it seems I'm not even close , also we had an incident this weekend where a driver put the wrong stator in his ballistic and was running a 21.5 why would we pick a motor that can be tampered with. I'm going to try a new stator to see if thats the problem .I know I'm not the best driver but when you get lapped and your running clean laps not hitting anything it makes me wonder. so
I wasn't the only one complaining about not having enougf speed .I never
had a problem when we ran 21.5 . so I just wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problem.
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