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Originally Posted by macdude View Post
I see lots of guys with a 10$ radio shack special soldering irons and then wonder why they don't get good connections
It's right, and wrong, because Yes better have a good soldering iron, but sometimes, for pre-soldered wires, it's better to have a $10 of 100W, than a very good of 30W

I already expreienced this one time, and haing the choice between these two, I can confirm you that the lowprice 100W helped to change wires so easily that the ESC almost didn't get a temp change, while with the high-price 30W, you could burn your finger on the ESC before the wires could be moved.
And since you have less chance to create an internal problem if the ESC stay cold, the choice is simple, I would go with any kind of 80-100W before any soldering iron without enough power, even it costs 10 times the price (for that king of use only ! ).
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