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Originally Posted by Yokomo_Ant3 View Post
What he said isnt correct. When you add weight to the front of the car, it makes the car more stable because there is more weight over the front wheels, making the car less resposive and more dosile to drive. The opposite for the rear. But if you add too much weight to the front of the car, the car may transfer its weight to the rear, making it inconsistant to drive. Its important to find what works for your car and track conditions. If you have too much steering the weight up front may work for you, if you need a little more add it to the rear. Thats what I have found anyway

What I have seen from the other guys at the track, is that they are using a servo saver, and they hav not any weight in the front. So I think I will try to take them off, and see what happens. Otherwise I will pay a visit to my local tire shop, and get some small 10 gr weights with adhisive on, and use some instead.
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