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6 races is way too many, and with lower turnouts. Just my opinion I don't want to hurt this series. I've been in this "tri-cities" for several years now and i don't believe in a final for this event otherwise everyone will be bitching who get the finals first or second. Or the club that has to wait up to the 6th year and suffer with a low turnouts to thier races for 5?. Cause everyone knows the club with the final will have the biggest turnout.

In full size car racing there is no "final race" It's series, a points race you attend the race you get points. I don't want it like the WCORCS where it's mandatory to attend the final race.

Isn't anyone sick of mediocre/so-so turnouts? I'm would be really disappointed to travel 6+ hours to any race just to another club race at a differnet city. Or worse travelling to only find out there is only 6 1/12, 5 touring stock and 3 mod TC for the entire weekend. Not to mention the additional cost to run the race i.e. trophies/door prizes/raffles/food service.

I rather see a draw for the available clubs capable of hosting the event on set dates every year. I.E. 9 clubs are able to host and there's 4 races. First club drawn will pick thier date, then the next club and so on. Ofcourse the next few year have to be worked out on who's next and what happens if a new club wants in the series but we can work that out as it comes.

I like travelling but if I go anywhere I want to have a good well run race with a great turnout. I get pissed and it pretty much ruins my weekend figuring how much gas and money for motel rooms I spent.
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