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Originally posted by kidDynomite
Hey Nimo, cvccsi told me that the 3R rear hubs push out quite a bit. Did you try trimming down the arms a little? I would think that this would also make the top camber link shorter.

BTW ... I really appriciate all your input on these mods. My parts are still in HK somewhere so I'm trying to get things sorted out with your R&D.
I had no width problems, I used the 05 swing arms with front dogbones and drive cups which still allows the 30mm rear foams to fit, and when first assembled I was down to 194mm with no binding (the pillow balls would not screw in any further).
I now have both front and rear at 199mm.
I have used a part of the RRR upper arm as this part can use bearings to smooth the action yet eliminate all play, I have yet to get the bearings so at present only have alloy bushed fitted, I think the bearing size is 3x6 which you need two off for each side.
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