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Originally posted by Taylor-Racing
Sorry, I'm mean the distance between the pillow balls that screw into the upper and lower arms - see attached pic.

Hmmm . . . it may be that the MTX hubs cause you to use a shorter upper link and thus afford the greater camber change for a given suspension compression. Ziggy and others have commented favourably.
It may be that the RRR's rear hubs work fine with the RRR's rear end, but not with the FW.

It's all a geometry thing - that's why I'm interested in the distance between those front pillow balls. Maybe they've played with the front roll centre.
Not really checked that bit, all I kmow is that they work.
I tried the rear hubs again today, I still think the rear end is loose but Slow&Steady says the rear is loose because I'm trying to drive at Wedge shell speeds with a Touring shell, he thinks I should stay with them, so I will for a little longer just to see who prooves who right.
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