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Originally posted by XXX-S Bill

This is certainly a blow to all XXX-S drivers. You have been a great mentor to us for this past year.

A break may be good for any one of the following reasons...
1) Girl friend - Brunette
2) Girl friend - Blonde
3) Girl friend - Redhead
4) Girl friend - Purple/Green/Pink dye
5) Offer from Formula One team

Badboy and I can tell you about all the things to try and/or avoid.

E-mail me about anything you want to sell. Still very interested in your milling project for the XXX-S chassis.
It's 1 or maybe 2 or actually could be any of the first 4 since she is a hairstylist. Is there anything you are looking for that I may have. The xxx-s chassis milling is about done, just gotta figure out how much to machine them for. I might be getting out of racing for a while but that doesn't mean that I won't be at the track still.
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