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Originally posted by KilRuf
Okay maybe some of you guys can help me out. I didn't buy the LW suspension kit for my 415. But I have enough parts from my Evo IV to build one up for it. How do you space the arms on the 415? What shims and sizes are up front and in the rear of the arms? I'm guessing the instructions tell you what shims to use where........ Thanks..

Oh, and reading (actually looking at the pictures) one of the Japanese RC Mags... They had the 415 goin up against the Evo IV with what looks to be the same setup. Factory driver Satoshi was driving. The Evo IV produced the fastest lap of both runs thru 8 minutes. But the 415 produced a faster time overall in both runs by a few seconds over 8 minutes. Pretty cool. They actually posted his setup for the Evo IV in the mag too. I'm sure Dave has already seen this..

How was the track configuration? Did they mention if it was a high grip track?
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