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Hi guys, just a note to say that we are looking forward to going all USVTA outdoors this summer here in N.J.

I can honestly tell you that we have so much more interest in USVTA among the newer/casual racers, and they are stoked to get racing! The idea of "one" motor is the biggest draw.

We went ROAR specs last season to support our neighboring track (Jackson) who hosted the ROAR nats.

FYI, since then, both Jackson and Horsham have gone USVTA to support our effort, so NJ will be USVTA friendly! I believe Brownies in NY is also onboard, so the northeast will be represented well....

Like many have said before, the USVTA formula does work, and I also commend RobK and all you USVTA supporters for keeping true to the concept!

We will be hosting a "regional" USVTA event sometime this summer, so hope some of you will think about coming....We are 30 minutes, and a straight shot, to Atlantic City, so maybe the family will want to finance your trip at one of the many casinos while we play with our toys....

More info soon....
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