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Default Spec/Handout Speedo thoughts

I just returned from the ETS race in Poland. In that series they use handout 13.5 motors and everyone must run a Speed Passion Citrix (60.00 speedo). The motors are bought there and you must return it at the end of the race and get it back at the next event (you get the same motor if you purchase it or you can rent a motor each race). The speedo you can buy anywhere (or rent one for the weekend very cheaply) as long as its the correct part number.

My question is this. With so many people complaining about speedos and such here why have we not adapted to a variation of this speedo rule here? All cars were very close in speed, no one complained about freaking software all week (Damn it was nice not having to listen to that crap all week) and the racing was very very close. Not to mention there were 96 entries in the Stock Class!

I for one am a Fan.....Sorry speedo companies but the US needs to get with the program and get some stuff set in stone.

No arguing, no flamming, no idiot comments. Just honest fair opinions on the subject.

If it turns in to a bi''ch fest or argument I'll have your comments deleted and thread closed by Marcos. If you cant contribute constructive opinions then read and leave please.

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