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Originally Posted by JLock View Post
Like I eluded, what I used in that pricing post was just an example. You can shave dollars off here and there but on average, it is still expensive. If you go to the big ROAR/IFMAR races and want to finish in the top 10, you will spend way more than $500.

The main point is that onroad is very pricey as compared to many offroad classes. You have to have specific surfaces to run whereas offroad cars can be run on almost any type of surface. Plus, you can get away with a not-so-perfect setup car in offroad whereas in onroad, that would put you at the bottom of the competition list. However, if the pricing of the onroad kits and support equipment keeps escalating at its current rate, many more that are currently racing the class may opt out due to this.
Off Road is not all that cheap either I run Both off Road & On Road
compare apples to apples Nitro On Road & Nitro Off Road not much of a price difference Kits are very close in pricing & motors as well

Electric Off Road to Electric On Road do your math the only variables is the cost of the kit Ae T6.1 $370 vs Ae B4.1 $260 $90 difference
On road Tires last a bit longer & are cheaper most tracks are using a spec tire vs off road your arsenal has a wider range based on track conditions

Just remember everything has a cycle right now electric is strong think back 10 years ago it was at the stage that nitro is at now
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