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Originally Posted by WD40 View Post
Also, how does the Schumacher Mi4CXL fit into the group i quoted above? Is it a good car?
Just as good as the rest. Some differences in design from the others and in my opinion very few people are going to have these. I know one guy who was racing the car, but his entire purpose was to learn setup, and knew if he could setup this, he could do it on anything. Parts support is going to be difficult for these, as many hobby shops will not carry parts for something that not many people run. Most guys I know run Xray of some sort, TC6-TC6.1, or the Top Photon. Like everyone said, find out what most guys run, and what parts are supported. As I learned the hard way, if you can't get the parts where you race, a $1 part can end your day.
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