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Originally Posted by wcalaker View Post
Looks cool i guess. I just have to wonder why this would release something like this over a touring car? Is there really that many people drag racing? There are few on road tracks, there are fewer drag racing tracks
Traxxas doesn't like to compete. They make their own markets. They make new classes of vehicles all the time to see what "sticks".

I'm sure they'll be out in force (pun intended) at every NHRA event with scale tracks setup, demo cars and timing systems up and running. I bet you'll be able to see, touch, run and buy them all at one time at one place. You know they'll have Courtney, John and the rest of the Force racing team out and about for photo ops and ties ins as well.

At 1/8th scale you need about 16x220ft of space to have a "full size" track (8 foot lanes, 1320/8=165 you don't need much room at the start and 35-50 feet of braking area should cover it) . As long as you live in a relatively quiet neighborhood or have access to an infrequently used basketball/tennis area or have a parking lot that is mostly empty on weekends you're ready to go.

Assuming the cars are reasonably priced and the timing system works reliably they'll sell.
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