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Originally Posted by taic480 View Post
ok new to crawling but not rc. I am ordering a lcc and have a couple of questions and any help would be appriciated. First off, I was looking at a couple of esc motor combos that people are running in this rig and the seem preety pricey. Am I going to have to drop like $250 bucks on this and just deal with it or is there a cheapier alturnitive? Also I had read that overheating is a possible problem with this crawler. If so I would like to know any tips and tricks to avoid this as much as possible. Another question is, what size pinion and what pitch should I use? And the last and final question is are the tires that this rig comes with decent, or, should I go drop $60 or $70 on the hpi rock grabbers that I am hearing so much about. Thanks in advance.
The HB White Dot Rovers and Losi Boss Claws in the red compound seem to be the most popular tire choices. I run Losi Comp Claws on my LNC and they work well for me. I am running a brushed motor with success in the LNC, but I have no experience with the LCC which has a very different trans ratio. Someone else with experience with the LCC will have to chime in.
Be aware that the diff worms need to be greased often. A lot of the "motor" problems people report are actually caused by inadequate lubrication of the worms. Jerry
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