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Originally Posted by Still Bill View Post
Not quite! Far better drivers out there fill that bill. Frank C, Brian W (Dumper), Brian B, Dave E are my hero setup technicians and drivers...ALL Being both very knowledgable and friendly souls. Each of them has mentored me at one time or another with my WGT setups at major races over the past 2-3 years.

Much of the time, I am just passing on the information they have previously given to me.

My goal is to promote the WGT class on both carpet and asphalt. Frank recognized that last year and did recruit me into Team CRC.

Should be seeing them at the Carpet Nats in a couple weeks...for more tips.

The World GT car has kept in carpet racing. Brian Wynn has helped me with WGT and it is awesome car. To bad the driver has limited abilities. Old age resulting in slow reaction times and vision problems. Awesome class.
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