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Cool GenX 10 LE - Base set up for medium grip outdoor asphalt track?

Hi Guys. After 5 years out of the hobby, having previously run 1/12th, the WGT class has sparked my interest and brought me back to the track. A few guys at my local track have started running the class with 10.5 motors, open ESC's and 1S LiPo's and so far the racing looks pretty good and like a lot of fun.

I've just built up a GenX 10 LE and was wondering if anyone has any pointers or tips on a base set up for running on an medium grip outdoor asphalt track?? I say medium grip as we race outdoor at night under lights and in the cooler months the track temp drops considerably. From my 1/12 experience on a similar track the grip decreases a fair bit on the colder track, so in summer you can have tons of grip and in winter it can be pretty slippery.

I've been reading through alot of the previous posts on this thread and as many setup sheets as I can find here and elsewhere online, but it seems that most of them are for carpet setups. Just wondering if anyone has a good starting point for asphalt?

I'm also a bi confused about the battery position, what are the pro's and con's of running a 1S LiPo in either the full forward or full aft position? What about sideways?

Cheers and thanks in advance

Bill, I still have the Yokomo YRX-12 I bought from you 6 years ago, in mint condition
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