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Originally Posted by bencason View Post
Norman2, it sure sounds like you guys have a nice setup. I am also over-60 but not yet retired and race mostly for the fun of it. I had a few good years in pan car oval about 20 years ago but then took a 20 year break. I'd love WGT or any other pan car class to take off in my area but it just doesn't happen [several attempts have failed]. I am making do with a GT spec class and planning on VTA. I like the old-school Trans Am bodies. If I ever do retire [very unlikely due to poor planning], I'll have to consider moving to Brevard, NC.

Yeah, I remember seeing a few WGT's up at the C, then the day I show up with one, there isn't one person wanting to run! Gave it a few weeks, but ultimately traded the car for other things.

I would like to see it run also, and at that place, i doubt anyone would care if the body rules were tweeked a bit. If you and at least 2-3 other guys were down, I'd jump back in.
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